Lessons in Making
A foundational design course exploring design through analog  means, prohibiting the use of any computer software or tools beyond an x-axto.
Projects Shown: Proun Sculpture  |  Pavillion
Proun Sculpture
Inspired by El Lisitzkey’s own proun compositions, this is meant to be an abstract achromatic three-dimensional translation depicting the chromatic properties of the 3”x3” region selected from the color composition. Color volumes are extruded upwards according to value level and then downwards depending on their degree of chromatic purity. Models were limited to recycled cardboard, glue and x-acto knives.
Sculpture to Pavilion
The studio wad introduced to the concept of a pavilion or a follie. This intent of this iteration was to maintain the purpose of abstract sculpture while considering how people may begin to interact with the proun. For iteration 3, scale was doubled to 1/4”:1’ from 1/8”:1’
Transparency is the theme. The idea was to conceive a way for light to permeate the volume, just as the white of the paper does on the color composition. Each transformation intended to amplify the theme of transparency through subtracting to imply volumes and extensions. When considering the location of the pavilion on the site, I extrapolated the purpose of transparency in the literal sense to instead mean non-intrusive. The protruding figure facing the site’s cistern is a water feature which allows water to pass through without inhibiting the natural flow in a non-intrusive fashion. This hints at the purpose of the pavilion. It is not necessarily a destination or an end, but a place to pass through, whatever the duration, for the purpose of stimulating thought.
For this iteration, we were assigned a site bringing topography into the conversation.  The entire project’s evolution culminated with this 1/8”:1’ model, which underwent multiple iterations. The purpose of the final review was to explain the process as well as the reasons for the pavilion’s location, orientation, material, function, and its relationship to the site.
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